Tribute to film rolls. .

Tribute to film rolls. .

I begin my blog with a gentle tribute to the dearest film and the film rolls with 24 exposures which marked my start in the Photography world. Way back in year 2004 March 30th, my first SLR Nikon N75 with battery pack MB-18 was a gift from my brother(Abhishek Kathuria – Senior Scientist at present) which was then bought with a Nikon 28-105mm lens. Earliest photos I took were on Fuji Crystal ISO 400 film which were slightly grainy but I was too new in the photo world to be just excited with the saturated colors and a clear and image.
Images from that very day had been in focus, but I kept racking my mind front and back across different genres of photography and in a pursuit of image that resonates along my heart. This pursuit is now a little more than ten years old, I am a bit older but still young in the photography world and restless to find myself. I look forward to share my journey, joy, sorrow and questions. If you find time then do write to me at or message me on Facebook or Twitter and I shall be happy to learn and interact with you. Love – Sumit


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