Photographing Melbourne in 2018 – Happy New Year!!

Photographing Melbourne in 2018 – Happy New Year!!

Wishing you a Great New Year, A fun filled 2018

Hope 2018 is treating all of you well enough in all respects!! Much like every other year, this year also has the same set of seasons except the global environmental change which is making its impact more visible. However, the major change in my life is in the location. . . Yes you read it right!! I moved from a neat and tidy city of Chandigarh (India) which is well known for its architecture and city plan to capital of Victoria Melbourne (Australia). Indeed these decisions are a bit difficult but in this day and age, shifting career path is quite a real thing. . .

Photographing Melbourne

A pursuit of creating good images which are well composed and truly represent the world that I experience is an important goal for me to keep up this year. As I dived back into academics at Monash University (Caulfield Campus), I found much less time to carry my D800 for photographing Melbourne. Well, this is the side effect of a heavy professional kit, however my new iPhone helped me keep up with photography though in a different way. Melbourne presents wonderful views of the sunset, especially if you watch it at any of its beaches. City life which looks quite busy also offered some pleasant surprises. I often appreciate the way in which the city has blended art into ints buildings and facades.

iPhone SE: My New Camera

While pursuing Master of Interaction Design, my interaction with this beautiful city was initially limited to Monash University whose building is quite beautiful. After getting into vacations, I got some chance to explore more.Here are some of the images that I captured while photographing Melbourne using my little iPhone SE. You can also find them on my Instagram account which I use more frequently for sharing. I am leaving you with the image gallery and the link to follow me on Instagram is on the top-right of this website with links to my other media streams.

Shot Tower - Melbourne Central Melbourne Star Shot Tower with Decorations Monash Library - Caulfield Campus Beautifully Design Windows at Monash Clayton Sunset at Port Melbourne Christmas Decoration and Fluttering Australian Flag Clock Tower at Burke Street Southwarf Bridge


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